Raise More Money

Does your organization need to raise more money?

Carmanah Strategies can help you “work smarter” at fundraising. We can help you raise more money and be more effective at attracting the abundance you deserve.
We work with charities, non-profit organizations, community organizations and quasi-governmental groups such as social service providers.

Stuck in a rut?

We can help you see the forest for the trees. We do fundraising and organizational audits.  We’ll show you how you can tap into new sources of support.

Feeling lonely?

Raising money should be a team effort.  We can show you how to build a fundraising culture into all aspects of your organization.
Get support from your board, your staff, your volunteers and your community – and feel good about it.

Need to meet a big goal?

Carmanah Strategies does feasibility studies for capital and major gift campaigns.
We can help you determine if you can raise the money for a new building, an additional location, new equipment or whatever expansion your organization needs.

Want more success with grants?

With experience both as a grant-writer and a grant-maker, we are uniquely positioned to help you develop funder relationships, do grants research and craft winning grant proposals.

Want to build your relationships with donors?

We show you the best ways to build your donor program to position you for “legacy gifts” (also known as manna from heaven).

Want to reach your donors’ hearts?

We’ll do the writing and creative for direct fundraising (mail, electronic, social media) and can oversee your project from inception to delivery.

Time to re-think special events?

Carmanah Strategies designs and co-ordinates strategic special events:  those that make sense and build lasting support for your organization (without burning out your volunteers).

Need help managing fundraising staff or volunteers?

We provide management support and one-on-one or group coaching for fundraising staff and volunteers.

Understanding The “Mind Subway”

Asking for money requires the right mindset. What’s your mental approach to fundraising: are you riding the Success Line or the Failure Loop?
We explore the Mind Subway in our workshops and coaching.  (Click on the graphics below to enlarge)